Tuesday, November 2, 2010


We have had a great first few weeks at the beginning of Term Four.  The spelling books are fantastic and something I will definitely keep buying for future terms.  The best thing about them is not only the learning to spell aspect but also the working on word knowledge they also bring. 

Statistics is most certainly a favourite maths subject! They both love graphs and Ben is learning how to apply that knowledge so that data collected can be presented in a meaningful way. Polly is also learning to tell the time more this term and hopefully the reinforcement of this continues to give her a better understanding of how time works.

We are off to the Howick Historic Village next week to discover and work and play as we would have done in Victorian Times .... the sewing has begun with the costumes!  The workbooks and story about Polly and her Farming Family are paying real dividends in this area. 

Writing is still not a favourite, so we are going slowly with this, especially for Polly who has decided reading is a far better pass time than writing!  Ben's writing is almost unrecognisable from two terms ago.  The work we did on Narratives means he can now create a story with a beginning, middle, and end which is awesome.  His editing has also come along way and I am so proud of the work we have done together to make his writing so cool.  Some days he even enjoys writing .... OMG!  This term we are focused on exposition writing and how we have to provide reason if we are making a statement to support what we feel.  Here's hoping this learning is as successful as the Narratives.  I am using newspaper reading each day to provide him with plenty of opportunities to investigate this style of writing in every day life.  For Polly, this term is all about the little steps and making each writing experience on a daily basis a more positive experience. 

That's about it for now, Christmas is coming so we started our weekly Christmas crafts yesterday with the kids decorating Christmas stockings ... we love Christmas!

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