Saturday, July 23, 2011

day forty four: pesto, mozzarella, and bacon toasties

a superb hot winters lunch :)
day forty four and its a saturday here ... bring on the weekend and when its winter AND the school holidays saturday lunch should be hot and delicious and that is just what today's pinterest 365 was all about!  ages ago i pinned a superb looking 'sisters sandwich' to my recipe must do's board from the three many cooks website ... the website is gorgeous and has the most delicious looking recipes!

the ingredients
adding the layers of flavour!
as it was just the girls at home for the day, all sisters in our own right, i thought this sandwich would be ideal for saturday lunch :)  luckily we had all the main ingredients in the fridge and a panini machine waiting to be heated!

such awesome flavours together
outcome:  oh my these flavours are DIVINE together, no wonder people put them together on pizzas all the time!  the basil pesto and bacon are awesome flavours together and they hit the spot brilliantly.  these are so good you could serve them up to visitors for lunch .... although you may not want to share them!

thanks to the crew at three many cooks for a wonderful recipe, i am sure to use more from your recipe files in the very near future.

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