Thursday, July 28, 2011

day forty nine: lemon blueberry yoghurt cake

blueberry lemon yoghurt cake :)
day forty nine and its time for some baking for the hungry munch-kins on holiday! pinned to my pinterest recipe must do's board is a lemon blueberry yoghurt cake from smitten kitchen (adapted from an ina garten recipe) ... the pictures on smitten kitchen look delectable so i figure the cake would be too!

the ingredients for the cake

yeehaa for another cake recipe that doesn't require heavy machinery, you only need two bowls and a whisk for the batter and a little pot for the syrup ... totally loving the recipe so far!  it is a quick and easy whisk together batter and then into the oven for about 70 minutes (the recipe says 50 plus minutes and mine was definitely in there over an hour). i left my cake in the loaf pan and poured the syrup over it in there so i didn't get syrup every where :)
the just drizzled cake :)
outcome:  lemon and blueberries are one of those food combinations that just taste like heaven together.  this cake is very nice, very moist, and has a really nice tartness to it. i am thinking i might try this in muffin cases next time and put a lemon butter cream icing on top :)

my sincere thanks go to smitten kitchen for a positively awesome recipe. i absolutely loved all the variations given with the recipe so you can truly make it your own ... smitten kitchen has heaps of wonderful looking recipes, i will definitely be trying more :)

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