Tuesday, July 26, 2011

day forty seven: gift wrapping a recipe book

the wrapped present
day forty seven and its time to get some gift wrapping done for my sweet dad who has just had a birthday.  just the ideal time to get some inspiration from my gift wrapping and gift ideas board on pinterest ... why is it dad's are so hard to buy for or is it just mine? :)  any ho, my dad loves to cook good, ole fashioned hearty meals so i found the perfect recipe book for him and decided to use the tea towel gift wrapping idea i pinned to my gifts board :)

i was so impressed with the idea, i have two versions pinned!  one has the tea towel wrapped recipe book (from the kitchn) and the other takes it a step further putting a wooden spoon on the packaging as well (not sure who this was originally from but it was first pinned by betsy merena).

everything you need!
i decided to use concealed safety pins to hold the tea towel wrapping around the book ... this pressie is being sent so i needed the wrapping to be a little more robust than just ribbon holding it together.

happiness in a tea towel! 
outcome:  well its for a guy, and i won't get to see him unwrap it, so it could be wasted effort, BUT i love it and would think someone had gone to so much effort if i received a beautifully wrapped present like this ... awesome idea, i am sensing more people will be getting recipe books as presents from me in the future just so i can put this cool wrapping idea to more use!

ali edwards week in the life album update:  just finished putting day one together ... i have gone down the simple, simple, simple route so i can achieve this album and get each day's documenting done the following day.  i am really pleased to be doing this project and while it may not be as indepth as ali's at least i am getting some memory keeping done at a level that is achieveable for me :)

the first page, front of the journalling page insert (i made the
paper protector for the long narrow page using an ali edwards
tutorial :)
the second full page and the back of the long, thin insert :)

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Cathy said...

What a great idea! I love creative gift wrapping.