Tuesday, July 12, 2011

day thirty three: the great pikelet bake off 1850's style :)

one proud 1850's boy with his pikelets
day thirty three and the kids and i are off to howick historic village to do our learning today :)  yesterday the kids visited with their great nana who made pikelets for them, which they demolished and then requested we make tomorrow. as we were in puhi nui house at the village today and had the big wood fired agar at our disposal i said i would find some recipes on pinterest and we could try a couple out.  i gave the kids one recipe each to make and bake for the visitors and staff.  both recipes are pinned to my recipe must do's board.

the bake off started with pollyanna who had a basic pikelet recipe from ladies a plate website.  she whipped up her batter and we cooked them on top of the wood burning range ...
she was so delighted with her efforts, my little
1850's girl :)
pollyanna's pikelet outcome:  these pikelets were delicious, the golden syrup in them is a great addition and topped with strawberry jam they are very hard to say no to for seconds!  actually nobody did say no and most of us had at least three!

benjamin was given a apple and cinnamon pikelet recipe from frills n spills  blog ... we had no grater in 1850 (the period the historic village is set in) so the apple was chopped very finely for this recipe and we considered it a real treat to use such an expensive spice as cinnamon (really only used for the lords and ladies during this time!). the batter looked and smelt awesome :)

ben's pikelets baking! we had very LITTLE control over
the heat with our agar, it had to be hot because we had
bread in the oven baking :)
benjamin's pikelet outcome: these pikelets are fantastic with a little bit of freshly churned butter on top .... so good ... but don't be tempted to put a jam on top it really doesn't work.  on their own these pikelets are top notch, no additions necessary. these too did not stay on the plate very long at all!

thanks to the lovely frills n spills  blog and the ladies a plate website for two scrummy recipes that worked just as well in an 1850's setting as they would in the twenty first century! equally as good but for different reasons, this bake off was well and truly a draw :)

photo fun challenge day 28: transport
our magic school bus ;)

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