Wednesday, August 3, 2011

day fifty five: peanut butter cookies with m&m's

the picture doesn't do these cookies
justice ... they look beautiful and
golden :)
day fifty five and we are leaving for singapore in less than 24 hours :) ... ok enough about my excitement and on with todays p365!  some really yummy looking peanut butter cookies with m&m's pinned to my recipe must do's board from the lovely website blog chef.  this website has a huge archive of recipes ... i am sure you could do a recipe a day from the blog and love every one for a year :)

did you know one large packet of m&m's equals one cup?
this recipe DOES require heavy machine ... a mixer to be exact so be aware you will need to clean the mixing bowl and the beaters for this one once you have pulled it out of the back of the cupboard and hauled it onto the bench ;)  very easy recipe though, all the wet ingredients get beaten together and then you fold in the dry ones with the m&m's (which are optional ... that really wasn't an option in my house!).  then spoon the mixture onto the trays and flatten down a tad ... into the oven and about 12 minutes later you have yourself some very good looking cookies.

cookies in the oven :)
outcome:  outstanding ... if you like pretzel hugs (melted chocolate on pretzels) you are going to LOVE these, they have the same salty and sweet thing going on ... so good.  i have hidden some for tomorrow otherwise i suspect they may all be gone burgers by nightfall!

this is an awesome recipe from blog chef and if all their recipes are this good, i may never by another recipe book again!  a big thanks from my family and i for sharing such great recipes :)

our plane to singapore leaves tomorrow morning so i will be up early creating something quick! catch you all tomorrow, have a wonderful day wherever in the world you are :) 


Mal said...

Yum, m&m cookies have always been a favorite of mine since I was a kid.

Kirsty, New Zealand said...

honestly they are so yummy in these cookies as well ... but everything is awesome with m&m's .. have a great day mal