Tuesday, August 9, 2011

day sixty one: sponge ball bombs for the pool

ready for water fun :)
day sixty one and its a special day in singapore .... HAPPY 46th BIRTHDAY SINGAPORE .... we are really looking forward to enjoying the day's festivities so i am up early and making some sponge ball bombs for the kids to use later in the day!  this great idea is from one charming party and is pinned to my outdoor spaces board on pinterest.

the supplies required :)
i am making seven of them and for each ball you need 3 sponges.  all you need to do is cut each sponge in half lengthways and then in half again.  gather up twelve different pieces and then tie tightly together with dental floss ... find some water, a bunch of kids, and you are good to go :)

sponge bombs of fun :)
outcome: the balls look great but whether they live up to expectations is still pending!  we will see later today and i will post the progress!  providing these balls work they would be brilliant as party favours for a pool/beach party and with some help you could even have them as a craft activity for the kids to make at the party!  they don't take long to make, are REALLY cost effective, and i bet you would have some proud kids at the end of the activity!
fun for the pool!
thanks so much to one charming party for an excellent idea for the water ... i absolutely loved it and think the options for these beauties for a pool party are awesome!  a visit to their website for party ideas is a must, so many great options and plenty of photo eye candy!


Rose - The Center of My Self said...

They sure look like they'd be fun! Hope the kiddos enjoy!

Marie-Anne said...

What a blast the kids will have with their cousins!!!
They will remember this from year to year....
Watch out ! You might get a "H2O bomb" while you are distracted, Kirsty :D