Tuesday, September 6, 2011

day eighty nine: a perfect card for spring :)

the finished card ... makes me feel like spring :)
day eighty nine and here in new zealand we are ienjoying our first days of spring for 2011 ... i wanted to do something with the feel of spring ... i pinned this gorgeous card by jen from JENerally speaking (such lovely crafty projects on her blog!) to my paper crafts board and it was exactly what i felt like creating today :)

have paper, will create!
i gathered some cardstock and some patterned paper and started with the easy things first ... the card size (6 x 6"), the tree and its trunk, then moved on to the more tricky parts!  i used embroidery floss as i couldn't find a twine that looked nice and nesty :)  the bird was drawn several times before one actually made it into the nest ... and that was the card done and dusted.

the easy bits

the finished card complete with bird number ...
yeah it was a few! maybe number 6 ;)
outcome: if i could come up with a magical fix for my lack of drawing skills i would make this card all the time ... it can be used for SO many occasions and even mine makes me smile and think of spring breezes and clear blue skies!  most of all i love the texture of the finished card, the nest gives it that unmistakable home-made feel and i really like that.

my sincere thanks to the talented jen, her cards and general crafty ideas are beautiful, if you have time i would definitely check her creations out :)


Jen W. said...

Oh my gosh! I must have popped over to your blog just before you posted this because I didn't see it until I went back to my dashboard. Thanks so much for the shout out! :) It wasn't until I read your piece that I realised you hadn't stamped the bird. He looks great! And how on earth did you stumble across this card anyway?? LOL! Have a great day!

Christina said...

This is such a cute card!! I will have to make one, but maybe since it will soon be Fall in Iowa I will make one with colored "leaves". :)

Kirsty, New Zealand said...

hi jen ... on pinterest, of course, is where i stumbled across your beautiful card :) your crafting is amazing, i'm sure heaps of people have stumbled over them on pinterest and been won over!

Jenny said...

Hi Kirsty, I've found your blog through Jen W and had a nosey back through your posts. What an amazing idea to be creative every day of the year and involving the whole family too :)
Love the card you made. I still haven't gotten into this Pinterest thing yet!
Definitely following your journey now :)
Jenny x