Monday, October 31, 2011

day 144: halloween cheeseburgers

wishing everyone a very happy and safe halloween 

i love home-made burgers, especially with a halloween twist

after such an exciting day yesterday enjoying all that halloween has to offer i wanted to give the kids one final 'taste' of halloween today given it is hallow's eve!  i thought halloween cheeseburgers would be a perfect way to end our halloweening this year.  

i was completely inspired by these jack'o'lantern burgers created by vicki schlechter and showcased on all recipes and loved the idea of family making their own halloween hamburger ... nothing is better to the peeps than personalising their food :)

we set to work with our smoky cheese slices (i never buy these so the peeps thought it was special anyway!) and some paring knives to cut out our own cheese for the burgers. 

granny hard at work creating a masterpiece
jack'o'lantern with her cheese!

a couple of the jack'o'lanterns pre-burger!

the grilling halloween cheeseburgers
the finished product with the hidden halloween lantern
... these were so good, especially after a game of netball!

outcome:  i love home-made burgers (probably my favourite meal) but these were especially fun because everyone felt ownership of their burger and passionate about the design they created.  my sweet husband couldn't just do a cheese face though ... no he had to go the extra mile and attach onion ring glasses to his! it was definitely a fun way for us to finish off our halloween festivities for 2011 :)

 special thanks to vicki schlechter for posting such a great idea on all recipes, they really were a great way to finish off a fun month.


Jen W. said...

Brilliant! Can't go wrong with a good burger!

Jenny said...

Oh so cool to make scary cheese faces, feelin hungry now ;)
Jenny x