Tuesday, January 31, 2012

day 236: 17 day diet

the 17 day diet began today :)
day 236 and the good food of christmas and summer has caught up with me :(  we have had a great summer eating, swimming, relaxing, holidaying, and eating, and now we are bursting out of our clothes!  i make light but it's something i feel horrible.  it's time to lose some weight and try something new doing it.  my whimsy board is where i pin all the things i am not sure how to categorise and the 17 day diet is one of those :)

i was given a book to read by a dear friend and also went to the website to investigate the 17 day diet.  coming home from our camping holiday and starting fresh for the year seemed like a good idea.  the diet has been put together by dr. mike moreno and features a lot of protein, probiotics, and plenty of vegetables.  it doesn't include weighing things (except for me!), counting anything, or making lots of soups ... all things i am not good at.  in 17 days you are supposed to lose between 10-15 lbs (4-5 kgs) so we shall see.

the book with all you need to know
today i stepped on the scales, keeled over with fright, got angry at myself, and then started the diet with gusto. so today's creation is all about making something, it just happens that i am planning on making myself a lot small ;)

you drink a LOT of green tea on this diet

tonights dinner, it was really filling
outcome: we will know in 17 days but day 1 has been a triumph.  i think with all the water i have drunk it has kept me full all day.  the food was surprisingly satisfying and i figured for 17 days this diet is definitely worth trying.  for my own personal motivation i am going to put a little weight tracker down the bottom of each post daily for the 17 days and after 17 days we will see whether this diet has worked ... this was a hard post to write because it's something very personal to me and more than a little embarrassing, but i figured if i have success with it, it might be worth sharing with those who would like to lose weight ... and if it doesn't work, we can at least scratch this one off the list of diets to try :)


Jen W. said...

I need to join you on that diet! I am feeling really crap about my physical self right now and if all the meals look as good as that yummy salad then it looks like a diet I could handle!

Morag said...

i am joining you as well - christmas has been too generous to my hips! i will be right behind your 17 day diet xxx

Jenny said...

I find it hard to follow a diet when cooking for the rest of the family as well and hence,have never been successful!
You go for it girl, I know you'll stick to it :0) I'm not the worlds biggest salad fan but this does look rather good.
Jenny x

kaney said...

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