Monday, March 26, 2012

day 289: easter silhouette pillow

an eggstremely good hiding place!

day 289 and i am off to hospital this afternoon for my operation so i wanted to make sure i did a home decor easter craft before i went so i can decorate for easter when i return home :)  actually i am really nervous and i wanted something to keep my mind occupied before we left for the hospital!  i found these free easter silhouettes from craft jr that i figured would look cool on some pillows.  they are pinned to my easter in autumn board on pinterest.

i am using purchased pillows to make this craft a little more doable in a short time frame.  i printed out the silhouettes at A4 size then cut them out before tracing them on heat'n'bond.  i then cut these out again before ironing the material to the reverse side, good side up.  then it was a case of cutting around the material and then ironing them in place on the pillow. i plan to finish them off using a blanket stitch and some embroidery thread while i am in hospital recovering.  if you don't feel like doing this last step there is no need to as the heat'n'bond will hold the silhouettes in place without any worries.
eat easter eggs to avoid fading away to a shadow
so easy even a manly-man can do it.....thats steves hairy arm!
cut them out and we are ready to apply to cushions
peel off backing and iron on......easy if you take the stuffing out of the pillow beforehand, hard if you don't!
outcome:  this is one of those craft ideas that you can use over and over again for all sorts of holidays.  its easy to achieve, you don't need to do any sewing if you don't want to or don't own a sewing machine, and it's really cheap to do even with ready made pillows ... the pillows were only $5 each :)  i love them and plan to do lots of different ones for each holiday season ... especially christmas!

my thanks goes to craft jr for the very cute silhouettes.  they were so easy to use and worked brilliantly on the pillows.

you might also see in the top photo day 232 (i love you because....).  this pinterest creation probably has the most impact around our home with even the peeps taking the time to add a message to someone in the family.....this has a high feel-good factor!


Kirsty, New Zealand said...

Steve here......Kirsty came out of surgery 3 hours ago and is doing great. We hope to have her home within the next two days.....

Hannah said...

Hi Steve and Kirsty,
Fab to hear Kirsty is going well, please keep us updated when you find time. Really hope the operations made all the difference and she is out of pain now :)
Great pillow, such a simple cute idea.
Love to you all.
Hannah :)

Hannah said...

That should be doing. Duh :D

Nadine said...

Thinking of you, mate! Hope your recovery is smooth and speedy!

Jenny said...

Thanks for the update Steve, so pleased everything went well and I'm sure you'll be glad to have her home again. Send her our love and best wishes ...oh and watch those eggs they seem to have been infiltrated with Ninja's!!!
Jenny x

Jen W. said...

Thanks for the update, Steve! So glad things went well and hope recovery is just as smooth for our gal. :)

Love this cute pillow. Really must try and find some of that heat bond stuff hen I can play along even though I don't have a sewing machine! :)

Solid and Simple Blog said...

this is fabulous
I love this

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Stephanie said...

Great news that you had a good surgery. Best wishes for healing from the States! (And I just found the egg in the first photo. Loved it!