Thursday, April 19, 2012

day 313: chicken wire frame for photos

the finished chicken wire photo frame :)
day 313 and i am making use of an A2 frame that the glass broke in.  i absolutely love this chicken wire frame from the 36th avenue.  such a cool idea for hanging photos in a kids room especially as they have the ability to change them around as much as they want without needing to take the frame apart.  today's creation of a chicken wire frame is headed to pollyanna's room for just that reason.  she LOVES change, she is forever changing her room around and redoing parts of her room so a board where she can change photos around at will is ideal for her!

you need a frame, chicken wire, staple gun, wire cutters, some backing card (polly wanted pink ... go figure!) and that's it.  steve helped me with this project as the floor is still a little far down for my healing back.  we cut the chicken wire to about 1" larger than the frames measurements.  steve then stapled it down at one end only.  he then used the backing board to bend the chicken wire into the frame.  once the backing board had done its work bending the chicken wire in, steve folded the chicken wire over again into the middle of the frame so we could then use masking tape to cover the chicken wire.  we did this so the walls behind the frame wouldn't be damaged by the rough texture of the wire.  once that was done it was ready to hang and be decorated with mini pegs and photos!

the materials

cut the wire to about 1" larger than the frame

use the base board to force the wire to bend into the frame

then bend the wire over towards the middle of the frame

use masking tape or something similar to tape over the wire so your walls are protected

the completed frame ready for polly to "organise" as often as she likes!

outcome:  one very happy mummy and daughter .... this is one piece of decor that is definitely worth having, especially if you have a daughter that likes changing things!  what i love most about this, however, is that it's different, it's cool looking and it is REALLY usable!

my sincere thanks to the 36th avenue for the awesome idea and the fabulous tutorial you provide readers.  fantastic inspiration for all the holidays, crafts, recipes, everything i need ... i will definitely be following this website for more inspiration :)


Jen W. said...

Now that is cool! If I had something like that I think I'd have more pictures up. As it is at the moment I can never decide which picture to frame so I never frame any!

Kara said...

So so cute! I wish We had an old frame lying around!

Jenny said...

Another brilliant idea my dear and I'm thinking this would be a great way to display my cards for photographing too!!!
Jenny x