Saturday, April 21, 2012

day 315: snowmen for winter decor

the finished snowmen!

day 315 and winter is drawing nearer ... that's good and bad news right?  no more squeezing into swimming togs, but the cold and rain can be miserable for days on end, although the hot chocolates and snuggling up to loved ones is so comforting to the soul, but the long days become so short and dark they are a little intimidating to the heart.  i figured if i added some comforting winter décor to the house once winter got going maybe it would become more heart-warming even on those bleak freezing, wind swept days!

i saw this tutorial for wooden snowmen on craftaholics anonymous by linda and new that they would brighten any winters day ... and its been a while since i played with glitter so this project was a great excuse to get blingy with it :)   the tutorial is also pinned to my winter wonderland board on pinterest. below is a pictorial look at today's creating.

the materials used today

i started with a couple of coats of white gesso

and painted all the sides two times

then i added eyes with a black vivid before using mod podge to attach LOTS of glitter :)

the finished snowmen minus their scarfs

the latest members of my family ;)

outcome: the tutorial is fantastic and you can't go wrong.  the snowmen are simple but stunning, the way the light catches the glitter is mesmerising ... and makes me so jealous we don't have christmas during the winter months :(  but with a little more blingy winter décor around the house during winter, my green eye monster may be soothed somewhat.  what made me laugh was how they took on their own personality once the little scarves were added to them!

my sincere thanks to linda at craftaholics anonymous for this awesome idea, i am hooked on these cute little guys and their glittery goodness.  i love all the tutorials i have done from this website and there are bound to be many more i make in the future :)


Jenny said...

eeeeek!!, how adorable are these!
Love the stylised shape and minimal features Kirsty, definitely going to try and make some for my brother and sister in law at Christmas time ..he would love them :0)

I still can't get my head around you talking about snowmen without Christmas being around the corner!!! Lol
Jenny x

Jen W. said...

Not that looks like a non-card project that even I could handle! :) And something that the hounds wouldn't be able to destroy when they inevitably knock them over. :)