Wednesday, May 16, 2012

day 340: a birthday card

hayley's birthday card :)
day 340 and polly's little friends birthday is getting nearer so its time to get creative and make a card for her.  i loved this card from kelley eubanks that was highlighted on the moxie fab world website ... who doesn't have a load of thickers with a ton of exclamation marks waiting for some inspirational use!  this card is also pinned to my paper crafts board on pinterest.

that's a lot of thickers that no longer spell may words!

i have plenty .... way too many thickers sheets with all the important vowels used up and lots of punctuation sitting, waiting, for use.

the lovely thing about kelley's card is you only need card and a pen to finish it with the exclamation marks!  yah, as many of you will know my paper crafting stash is minimal so this card works perfectly for me.  one of hayley's favourite colours is purple so rather than a white card i went with purple :)

the only other crafty things you will need :)

outcome:  i love that it uses so little but it's still funky and looks cool!  it took only 10 minutes to make which is awesome for me ... cards usually take forever for me because i don't know what i'm doing.

my gratitude to kelley eubanks for the awesome card she created, she is an amazing card designer and you can find heaps of her designs on her blog my front porch ... aaahhhh just another paper crafting guru i will be following ;)


Jenny said...

That was quick work...I saw you'd re-pinned it from my pin!!
Love the so well as a cool card for kids and you're so right about using up unused thickers this way ;0)
Jenny x

Jen W. said...

I'm a big Kelley fan too and this card rocks! Great way to use up those left over bits and bobs.

And can you believe you only have 25 more days to go???

Kirsty, New Zealand said...

i only repin from the best, you should know that jenny ;o)