Friday, June 8, 2012

day 363: serving ware of the pimped out plastic variety

NOW these plates look ready for a party :)
day 363 and we had a pinterest party working bee tonight as we get prepared for sunday.  my dear friend lana came for dinner and once we had finished homemade burgers, i got everyone into work mode making samples, organising party things, experimenting in the shed!  today's pinterest creation tied in nicely with all the party prep and i even managed to get my sweet mum to help me out while lana and steve where busy with some project samples for sunday.

we have settled on 25 crafts that will be available to make on the day so people can pick and chose which ones they want to make and ensure they have a couple of pinterest projects to take home.  with there being 25 we have had to spread them out over our three barns including our large shed.  i didn't want my nice serving platters going down to the shed so i have opted for plastic ... as a bonus there will also be less dishes to do after the party :)  the plastic plates did need a bit of modifying to be acceptable for a pinterest party though and luckily this idea from lauren geiger is perfect!  what a great way to dress up a plate and not worry about whether it comes back to you or is broken or destroyed during projects in the shed ;)

all you need to do is punch holes evenly around the edge of the plate and then thread ribbon that matches the theme for the occasion through the holes, tie a bow, and fill as required.  i obviously had to go with red and white for my colour scheme ;)

the materials

worker one

worker two

worker three

... you can see why i don't want my serving platters heading out to the shed ... honestly with this guy in charge, would you trust him ;)

outcome: totally impressed with how they changed the appearance of the cheap plates to something far more funky and exciting ... hopefully just like the party projects will be!

my thanks to lauren geiger for this cool idea, in fact, it's so cool i have stored it away on my pinterest 2012 advent crafts board for the peeps to use at christmas. and thanks to my hard working team tonight, you guys saved me heaps of time, i had better head back to it ... see you all tomorrow :)

* 2 DAYS TO GO! *


Jutta said...

What a lovely idea! The plates look so much nicer! love the pic of your dad too :-)

Jen W. said...

So exciting! Love the ribbon plates - a brilliant solution! It's 11pm here so I'm guessing the Pinterest party is in full swing over there! Hope you're all having a fabulous time! Big love and hugs to everyone!