Monday, April 29, 2013

HB Day 10: Kitchen Chalk Board

It's so sad when good friends leave after you have had such an awesome extended weekend with them. Just as well there are plenty of ideas on Pinterest to keep busy with. Today we are in the kitchen painting trim and this lead to today's Pinterest inspired creation! Everywhere you look on Pinterest there are chalk boards in all sorts of amazing places, styles, and shapes and they are so useful, especially in the kitchen.

I purchased a roll of vinyl chalk board to use rather than painting. I am doing WAY too much painting to consider doing this in paint as well and when you can easy stick and go there really isn't any argument either ... done is better than perfect and fast makes the icing so much sweeter ;)

I did have to paint the door before starting to adhere the vinyl .... got to love an old house where all the white paint has gone yellow over the years and now takes four coats of white paint to cover what was white paint! Once the door was fully saturated in paint and had finally dried I cut two oblongs larger than the spaces they were to go in. This stuff was really really easy to put up and get crinkle free. I then used a Stanley knife to trim around the edges before grabbing the chalk and giving it a go.

Worked really well and the old panel doors are perfect for adhering vinyl to so you can create ideal list size chalk boards. Job done ... I guess that means I should get back to the painting ... maybe after a hot drink ... and I've done some more of the puzzle we have started ... and I've done some blog hopping ... oh who am I kidding, it's late, I'll start again tomorrow!

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Jenny said...

These are a great use of space and ideal for looooong lists :0)
jenny x