Monday, April 22, 2013

HB Day 6: Autumn Bucket List

The school holidays have started and with so much focus on moving and the house I needed something to make sure we didn't forget to have fun this Autumn! Bucket lists are SO handy for this and they are a gentle reminder not to let a season or holiday go by without having a bit of fun and trying something new. Lets face it, they are also easy to do and cost as little or as much as you want them to.

I used some scrapbook paper, sharpies, an empty wall, some wall tack, a smidge of time, and a little help from the peeps for some ideas (and dreams). As the season unfolds you work your way through the bucket list choosing to fit things in as you can. I tack mine to the wall and then once something is completed off the list in gets taken off and thrown away ... very therapeutic!

You know without Pinterest I never would have known about using seasonal bucket lists to add a little fun into each new season or holiday. There are many wonderful bucket lists and ideas available on Pinterest or make it up as you go with what works for your family! When I first did Pinterest 365 in 2011/12, I did one for Winter and it was so much fun the entire family loved it. Sometimes you need a little bit of help to get the family organised into spending quality time together doing a family favourite, trying new things, or simply just being with one another in this busy world.

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Jenny said...

I love how you take these ideas and make them visual and interactive :0) Looks like some great activities up there.
Jenny x