Wednesday, June 9, 2010


So today I thought I would post my first home school worksheet to help other families that are in need of FREE worksheets to help with the at home teaching. Each day I will post a new worksheet and let you in on little tidbits about my day at home with the kids and anything we have been adventuring into. Hopefully you will find it helpful :)

To do with today's worksheets is a really easy experiment you can do quickly with the kids and doesn't require any major ingredients! Boil the kettle and put 1 cm of boiling hot water into the bottle of a clear wine bottle (or similar) and then put a piece of ice on top and wait for the cloud to form in the bottle.

Scientific Explanation (at a child's level of understanding)

When water heats up it rises (water vapour), when it goes high into the sky and cools (thank you ice for achieving this effect). Cooled water vapour is what creates clouds. A very simple explanation but it helps make the science expt relevant for children.

The worksheets are Cloud Names, Generic Science Experiment Worksheet, and one that even the littlies can do What Clouds Are About Today.

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