Thursday, June 10, 2010


I am using this worksheet with Pollyanna at the moment so she understands the relationship between numbers 0-30.  Its a really good exercise that provides meaning to a number and how big it is. I have left the top of the worksheets blank so that you can use them to find either the smallest number or the largest number for each series provided.  When they are first beginning to understand numbers and their order, number lines become really handy.  This website here has some great ones that you can just download instantly Sparkle

Until I discover how to attach files to my posts you will just have to email me for each worksheet and I can email it back to you :) Sorry about not having them available to just download instantly yet. HATE THAT as I am an instant gratification kind of girl!!

Anyway todays worksheet is Which Number is Bigger 0-30.  Email me if you would like a free file of this worksheet Kirsty

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