Friday, July 23, 2010


Last term we miserably failed with Spelling. You see the problem is I have a natural speller and a littlie who is learning to read as opposed to spelling and it just fell by the way side.  So this term I wanted to address this area of the curriculum and make sure it found a way into our weekly schedule and became important.  So during the holidays I looked at lots of different options and decided to go with some Spelling workbooks from Curriculum Concepts.  The workbooks I have chosen are published by R.I.C  and are a series, so the great part is you can chose the ones relevant to your child's learning ability.  For me this was book A and book G and the wonderful thing about Curriculum Concepts is you can preview the majority of their books online before buying them, which is so fantastic because you aren't guessing which ones you need in the dark.  This is probably one of the main reasons (along with the great selection) that I continue to buy from these guys.  Anyway, back to the spelling, I have chosen this workbook system because not only do they learn to spell the words in weekly units, there are also literacy activities so the kids learn meaning and application behind the words they are learning to spell.  For me, this was the key element for choosing these workbooks.  Ben can spell well beyond his age, so it was incredibly important to make sure he also had a good understanding of the meaning and how the words he was learning could be applied.  Only one week in and I am totally loving this spelling system.  For Polly, the spelling at her level is all about associating sound with letters and that is where she is at in terms of her ability to spell and where she needs repetition. So all round this is looking like a great solution to the Spelling issue, early days though!

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