Thursday, August 19, 2010


Ben had the best time in Maths today, using a scale ruler and making all the furniture out of colour relevent pieces of card to go on the scale drawing of our classroom.  He thought this was a fantastic task to undertake :)  He really enjoyed seeing everything fit perfectly into the class and has a really good understanding now of why scale is relevent.  This maths task couldn't have been possible without the help of Steve (thank you honey) who provided a fantastic scale drawing of the class at 1:50 and then provided the appropriate scale ruler for me to translate to Ben!

Pollyanna was doing her maths work at the same time of course but she was less than impressed with her tasks given the fun Ben was having with his ... sorry Pollyanna but sometimes Maths just isn't cracked up to be much fun, especially when you are learning to order numbers from 1 to 100 and the same examples keep popping up.

For some reason at the moment I can't attach photos to my post ... honey I may need your help!

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