Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Our Term Three Schedule
One of the major things that I am really proud of with our home schooling efforts so far, is the schedule that Steve and I put together for the Ministry of Education for our Exemption from Enrolment proposal (that went through without a hitch, yeah!).  It has worked really well and at the end of term when putting together the curriculum for term three I did a couple of adjustments to allow for some of the different curriculum strands new learning themes.  I also made adjustments due to the fact for this terms Art strand (Drama) we have outsourced to a drama school and we have included other learning activities outside the school hours (our school hours!).  hence the reason the kids get Friday afternoons off unless we are on an excursion~!

The timetable works so well for us because even though my children are 5 and 8 years, their personalities rely on a schedule and it helps that we all know what is coming up for the day ... that doesn't mean that I'm not flexible according to needs, but the schedule is the core of our expectations of what home schooling is going to provide each and every day.  It is a relief to be well organised because it is also what I rely on for my personality ... it is an understatement that I don't cope well in chaos!

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