Tuesday, August 10, 2010


It was such a gorgeous day today, it was almost (almost) too nice to be inside learning, but there were things that needed to be learnt as always.  Lucky the kids had Science today and were happy (for the most part) to be inside doing science worksheets.  Today's space worksheets I got off Kaboose for Polly, Ben was doing something that was a little beyond where I want Polly's space learning to be, she loved the wordsearch and it was a great way to finish off the day for her.  They had a great start to the day as well, they are almost at the assembling stage of their Space posters for English and today was all about verbal communication and listening.  Ben had to instruct Polly with regards to printing and downloading images to go with her space questions.  It was a really interesting interaction that paid dividends, Polly had to listen (not her strong point!) and Ben had to be patient (definitely not his strong point!), to achieve the task they had to work on communicating and there wasn't a single disagreement :) It could be because the task was exciting for both of them anyway but, nevertheless, I was proud they were able to work together, taking turns finding the images they needed to print off for their space posters!

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