Monday, August 16, 2010


Get better soon Pollyanna
For the first time in our schools history we had a child away sick :(  Poor Pollyanna has a cold and a sore throat so stayed in bed most of today, hoping to be better for school tomorrow.  She woke up and said "if i was still in Room 4 I would be staying home today" so it seemed fair enough that she should stay home given how she was feeling and be without school today.  However, just before the rest of the class started school, she burst into tears and declared she wanted to go to school today.  However, this time I wrapped her up in my arms and put the hot fevered little girl back to bed and said it was probably a better idea if she stayed in bed and if she was really desperate for some school work, I would bring her in her reading and some Grammar, which seemed to soothe her.  Poor little thing, just didn't want to miss out!

In other news, Ben has found a fantastic new favourite author and luckily this author has written a number of books, not all long novels but enough to keep us going for the next couple of weeks.  His name is Michael Morpurgo and he has written some awesome advanced reading novels plus a whole lot of other books from picture books, to early chapter books, to story compilations.  Ben has read 5 or 6 of them over the last week and really enjoyed them all.  They are also really inspiring stories, that make you think about things.

Happy working!

I thought it would be quite hard to motivate Ben today, give the rest of his class was off sick, but to my amazement he was more than happy to do his school work and applied himself so well. You are awesome Ben!

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