Thursday, September 16, 2010


6.00am this morning
This morning we were greeted to a new member of the family, proud mum Lisa gave birth to a little lamb overnight in the torrential rain and wind ... as Steve says perfect lambing weather!  We had thought Mable would deliver first as she has looked very pregnant with a large udder and I couldn't even tell if Lisa was pregnant although Granny and Steve were sure she was. 
We moved them up the hill and Steve put in a shelter to protect them from the wind
Mum and Baby ... ohhhh
Given that Mable and Lisa are both orphans and hand-reared and going to be first time Mum's I was very worried about their quality of mothering ... lets just say they are very needy sheep.  However, it our delight Lisa has been very protective of her little offspring and shows all the signs of being a great parent!  Thank god!  We do have milk on standby for the lambs just in case we have issues!  It was so lovely to see the little lamb bleat and Lisa respond back and make sure it was OK.

Now if only we could get rid of this weather so the little thing can have a good start to its life!

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