Saturday, July 30, 2011

day fifty one: bunting cards

bunting cards ... these made me happy :)
day fifty one and i need some thank you cards but we had a lot on today so it needed to be something quick!  pinned to my paper crafts board was the ideal card ... a simple bunting card idea from the australian made it website by seller zippyzippy. she has absolutely lovely stuff for sale and if i lived in australia i would definitely be making more than one purchase!

the card idea by zippyzippy involved some sewing, which wasn't on the agenda today, so i went with the same design but using only paper and glue :)  the triangle size i used was a 1" depth and then i played around with patterned and solid colour papers!

i'd be happy to have this card!
outcome:  fantastic looking cards, easy to make if you are in a hurry and don't want to spend $8 on a card and this one will probably be appreciated more because it's made with your very own hands .... for me the best part of the card is they are really easy to co-ordinate with your wrapping and the age/gender of the recipient ... ie: you can use this card design for ANYONE!

if you live in australia, head over to zippyzippy's site for some awesome products or her blog which is just full of crafting eye candy ... thank you so much zippyzippy, your designs are amazing :)

off now half time in the rugby and the all blacks need my support!

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