Sunday, July 31, 2011

day fifty two: lemon and blueberry bars, and a pillow for valentines

pillows for valentines :)
day fifty two and i had time to make a couple of creations today ... i LOVE time!  pinned to my recipe must do's board was a lemon and blueberry bar from the gorgeous blog for the love of cooking ... it looked so good and after the success of the lemon blueberry yoghurt cake with the family i decided this was a good thing to attempt today!  as i had time to sit and do some sewing today, i decided a pillow i have been pondering making all week would finally be made today. pinned to my holiday goodness board is a gorgeous valentines/love pillow by blueberry park.  karen at blueberry park is clearly incredibly talented and her blog is full of wonderful products and inspiration.

lemon and blueberry slice fresh out of the oven
first to the lemon and blueberry bars ... you make the crust first and bake it (if you don't like to get your hands messy, drag out the food processor and whiz the base up in that) ... then add the topping and bake again. i used frozen blueberries and plopped them on frozen too!

ready to eat ... they were so good!
lemon blueberry bar outcome:  seriously so good ... the crust has a little bit of a chew to it which works really nicely with the topping ... family was once again delighted with another pinterest recipe! thank you so much to pam from for the love of cooking, it was (yes that does mean its already completely been eaten!) a delicious slice and i definitely plan to make plenty more of it :)

the basic's for the pillow
ready to sew on the fabric strip
on to the pillow and lets remember i am not a seamstress so i need all the help i can get with pillows like this! i can't draw either so i printed off a heart shape from clipart, then traced the heart onto heat'n'bond so i could fix it to the white material before sewing!  who knew such great stuff existed, not i before pinterest (i clearly have lived a sheltered life)!  anyway i stitched in the side fabric, and then ironed on the heart into the white space before sewing around that as well.  added the backing and stuffed before hand sewing the stuffing opening.

the finished pillows for valentines day
valentines pillow outcome:  i was so stoked with the finished product i made two!  they are certainly happy pillows to look at and the heat'n'bond made it relatively simple to attach the hearts.  can't wait to put them out with the rest of the valentines decorations!  many thanks to blueberry park's karen for such an awesome idea, her blog is completely inspiring and has lots of ideas for purchasing and making!

that's if for today folks, enjoy the rest of your weekend :)


Mal said...

Those bars look so delicious!

Kirsty, New Zealand said...

and they totally were :)