Wednesday, July 20, 2011

day forty one: pretzel hugs

my pretzel hugs
day forty one and its the day of our home school bush battle so its another recipe to feed the hungry troops for p365 today.  the hugs are pinned to my recipe must do's board and it was pinned there from food gawker.  very cool website for finding out what people are making and loving :)

ready for the oven!
the kids should love these as a treat and they are going to take no time to make on a busy day :)  just what i need!  speaking of need, all you require for this recipe are hersheys, pretzels, and m&ms ... i am making a largish amount so opted out of the hersheys in favour of chocolate melts :)

there really isn't a recipe for this, the instruction even fit on the pin! turn oven on to about 150C, spread pretzels out on an oven tray, put chocolate on top.  once the chocolate has gone soft take out of the oven (around 2/3 minutes) and put an m&m into the melted chocolate before the chocolate hardens!

so good :)

some of the hungry bush battlers!
outcome:  i made a huge amount of these little gems and they were into them completely!  and the funny thing was the adults loved them just as much as the kids ... these are a definite to make again and again.

if you love food check out the recipes at food gawker, really inspiring ideas from a wide range of people!


Nadine said...

I made these today with Jaffas instead of M&Ms - so yummy and SO FAST!

Kirsty, New Zealand said...

that's so cool, i am definitely going to have to try them with that iconic nz topper ... aren't they awesome, saw them done on pinterest the other day with caramel rolos and a pecan on top ... yum!