Thursday, July 21, 2011

day forty two: smartie pants treats

smarties trouser treats!
day forty two and its time to reward my hard working kids!  they have been doing a fantastic job with their maths this week, they have had some new maths ideas to work through and have done a great job so i am going to reward them today with 'smartie pants'!  this is a fantastic gift idea from the muddy princess kimberly, and i have pinned it to my gift wrapping and gift ideas board on pinterest.  kimberly has so many wonderful crafty ideas on her blog its well worth checking out.
the template and the trace :)
this is nice and easy so you could do multiplies pretty simply ... i have a class of two so no worries for me!  i used some scrap card and made a pattern, then traced around it for the rest of the trousers. after some gluing, a bit of pen work, a couple of brads to make them a little more robust, and an investment in some smarties, i'd say you are good to go .... !

just need some smarties in these cute little pants!
outcome:  these are really fun to make and totally rewarding to give :)  the joy of giving them is thanks enough, seeing there cute little faces light up is SO cool. i can think of so many ways you could adapt them so you could use them for valentines day, christmas, birthday favours, all sorts :) if you need to give a lot of little people a boost or a thank you then you need go no further than these ... sweet, simple, and fun to make!
he was so chuffed at being a smartie pants!
big, big thanks goes to the muddy princess for having such wonderful crafty ideas on her blog, it makes being inspired to give it a go so much easier :)

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