Friday, July 8, 2011

day twenty nine: oatmeal raisin bars AND a simple skirt

oatmeal and raisin bars ... seriously so good
the easy as skirt turned out great :)
day twenty nine has dawned and i asked my husband what i should create today for p365 ... typical to form he said i think you need to bake something .... yip should've guessed that was coming! only problem was i felt like sewing after we had finished our schooling today ... well as you can see i went to the boards and found two EASY creations to make so i could do both!  the simple skirt tutorial comes from a sewing blog favourite dana made it and is pinned to my general crafts board.  the oatmeal raisin bars are from martha stewart and are pinned to my recipe must do's board on pinterest.

this afternoon i sat down to make pollyanna a skirt and figured if it went well i could attempt one for myself ...eeek! i used a simple check material for her and used the well finished salvage for the hemline!  i also decided to see if i could make one of steve's work shirts into one and while its not finished its not far away from being added to pollyanna's wardrobe! no skirt for me yet, until i find a nice fabric but its gonna happen! gosh i wish there were more hours in the day!

ok decided for winter these raisin bars were nice and comfort foody looking so while i prepared dinner i mixed together the ingredients and shoved it in the oven ... the most timely bit was waiting for the butter to melt ... seriously it took ten minutes to whip this one bowl wonder together and it required NO machinery ... love that because it means i also don't have to clean said machinery :)  the only adaption i made to these were substituting sultanas for raisins and adding some chocolate melts to the top :)  its winter, of course you need chocolate ;)

outcome: ok first with the skirt, very cute and so SO easy ... if you have a sewing machine and a daughter there is no excuse for not making your child this skirt!  the fabric was cheap $NZ3.99 p/m, so with elastic this skirt cost me $2.50 to make ... SWEET!  as for the oatmeal raisin bars ... they were all gone by the end of the netball (we watched the silver ferns take on south africa at the world champs!)  honestly they were the best comfort food and the chocolate bits on top were a really nice addition!

once again many thanks goes to dana made it for another very cool tutorial on sewing for us mere amateurs! the skirt is awesome and i am definitely finishing up the shirt one (pics tomorrow) and making one for myself! the oatmeal raisin bars have already been asked for again tomorrow so it must be another successful recipe from martha's house!

photo fun challenge days 23 and 24: black and white and love (yess i cheated slightly! i loved the picture i took of my boy so much yesterday, i wanted to kept it for today as my love photo :)_
black and white for day 23

love for day 24

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