Friday, July 1, 2011

day twenty two: the cleaning caddy

my new cleaning caddy :)
day twenty two and i haven't cleaned the house this week! really unusual for me, i'm not good with disorganisation and uncleanliness! tomorrow is a big day however, it's mid winter here and i'm starting my spring cleaning tomorrow!  yes tomorrow, i hate the thought of using all those beautiful spring days to clean so i have decided to start in winter so when i get to spring it should be pretty much done with the exception of some outside jobs!  this brings me to today's creation ... my first ever cleaning caddy to storm around the house with in an effort to make my cleaning more efficient ... while i like cleanliness and organisation, i really DISLIKE the actual, physical get in and clean it side of things :)
any cleaning product that has 'amazing' on it needs to be in
my cleaning basket!
todays pinterest 365 creation was pinned to my ideas for organisation board and it originated from the complete guide to imperfect homemaking ... LOVE the name of this blog, just makes me smile! anyhoo, she has the most COMPREHENSIVE spring cleaning checklist on her blog along with a photo of a very cute caddy of cleaning products!  totally up my alley this, love the idea of having all my cleaning products in one container that i can move with me as i speed round the rooms. so while we were out doing our groceries today, i added in all the items necessary for a kick-ass cleaning caddy :)
the three (there would be six if i hadn't printed at a5 size)
 pages of cleaning to do .. yikes!
once home, i copy and pasted the spring clean  list into a word document and then copied the lounge twice and the bedrooms three times so that i had each room the right amount of times.   i did this so i could cross off as i completed a task ... yip i'm a visual girl and like to see progress!  ... ooohhh ..... yip you betcha i also laminated the list because well i love my laminator and if its paper it should be laminated, right!

outcome: while it only takes its virgin voyage tomorrow, i can already tell i am going to LOVE my caddy totally, even looking at it makes me happy!  while i don't like the look of the LONG spring clean list, i am really thrilled i will get to the end of my early spring cleaning knowing i have all my bases covered ... well cleaned! ya know what i mean!

thanks goes to the complete guide to imperfect homemaking for making the oh so comprehensive cleaning list ... there is no doubt about it, when i have finished this list i know my house will be well cleaned and organised and for that i am incredibly grateful!  (anyone with a spare weekend, i am happy to have cleaning volunteers ... i will feed you ;))

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