Thursday, June 30, 2011

day twenty one: weekly organisation sorted

the new home-made planner
day twenty one and it is beautiful outside ... i am hoping it stays that way tomorrow as its grocery shopping day!  speaking of grocery shopping, i was busy making my list (using day eights eat sheet creation :)) and trying to figure out all the things we have to do over the next two weeks and which meals would be best for which nights given how busy we are going to be .... and then i was struck with a brainwave, i have pinned some very helpful looking organising planners to my ideas for organisation board over at pinterest!

 i went through the options and decided on two: one is a daily organiser for all parts of life and the other is a weekly cleaning/chores checklist ... both are equally relevant to me and they are both highly usable for a home schooling mum! i printed out 21 sheets of the daily organiser from simple organized living and three sheets of the weekly chores list from another great site life as mom ... both were free downloads which was a total bonus :) i also grabbed an unused exercise book and the cutter and glue.  as with most things i wanted to give these a decent go so have opted to use the organisers for three weeks to see if they work.
materials needed :)
i glued seven pages of the daily planner in and then one of the weekly checklist and then repeated this pattern twice over in the exercise book ... making my very own portable planner!
so good to have everything written down in one place!
outcome: this planner has already made a difference in my life ... as soon as i had glued everything in i wrote down all the things that had been on my mind and immediately i felt the weight that had been getting heavier on my shoulders disappear ... writing it all down and seeing how the weeks would come together (and where i had too much happening on certain days!) was a huge pressure off and i feel very positive about seeing everything in one place, something i can take with me, and add to with ease.  as for the weekly checklist, so happy for this, while i haven't checked anything off yet, i know seeing a list disappear is very rewarding and if the kids wanted to earn some extra pocket money i can now tell to them find something on the chores list to do that hasn't been done!

simple organized living and life as mom are both wonderful sites to go to for inspiring ideas for organisation, even while i was there printing out todays creation, i found more ideas from both sites that i hope to implement in the future ... check them out if you need help clearing your mind, i can highly recommend it!

photo fun challenge day 16: mason jar
all our school stationery is kept in mason jars .. love them!

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