Monday, August 29, 2011

day eighty one: soft and chewy chocolate chip biscuits

pollyanna's favourite cookies so far from pinterest :)
day eighty one and i am baking cookies ... the cupboards are bare mother hubbard!  there are two things i missed for my creating while i was away - my kitchen and my sewing machine ... so this week i aim to use both a lot! today its the turn of the kitchen with these delicious looking soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies by martha stewart.  i also really liked the combination of chocolate chips by katie at have stand, will mix, so i am going to do that as well!  you can find this creation on my recipe must do's board.

this recipe does require you to haul out the heavy mixing machinery, but as i've discovered all the best cookie recipes seem to require this step!  apart from that, the recipe was really easy to follow and the baking time is small, which is great for people with limited time :)
ben sifting the flour and baking soda

this is way my biscuits are never beautifully round!

soft and chewy chocolate chip biscuits :)
outcome:  i had little helpers with the baking today and i'm sure that's helped them taste oh so good :)  as a white chocolate lover, i totally love the combination of both chocolates, but if you are a real chocoholic you may just want to stick with the milk :)  pollyanna declared she thought they were the best cookies we had down from pinterest yet and actually its hard to disagree ... they were easy and tasted yummo :)

my thanks goes to martha and her crew for another outstanding cookie recipe and also to katie for adding in the variation of the two types of chocolate ... this totally worked for me and hopefully it will for you too :)

have a happy start to the week everyone, tomorrow its time to spend some quality time with my sewing machine!

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