Wednesday, August 31, 2011

day eighty three: roll up shopping bag

the shopping bag ... its actually much bigger
than you think because of the gusset
sides :)
day eighty three and given my new found knowledge of interfacing, i decided to undertake another project that involved the stuff today!  i found this roll up shopping bag tutorial from needle and spatula that used interfacing so that was all the inspiration i needed to start this creation :)  the tutorial is also pinned to my general crafts board on pinterest.

you need two fabrics and some ribbon ... and of course
a little bit of interfacing!
you need two contrasting fabrics, some interfacing, and ribbon for this project ... i see this bag coming in very handy but i shall have to check my sewing quality at the end before i am game enough to put anything heavy in it!  when i looked at the tutorial more indepth i panicked a bit because it called for french seams and gusseted sides ... neither of which i had sewn much if at all before!  however, the tutorial, once you start sewing and following the instructions, tells you exactly what to do and then has plenty of reference pictures and in the end it was all straight stitching ... perfect as i need the practise!

adding the handles and ribbon
the finished bag ... so cool
the rolled up bag ... this bag will be so handy
outcome: i made handles ... with interfacing (insert pride here) and attached them to a bag that has french seams and gusset sides!  the tutorial is so good, this is a perfect project for beginners at sewing and i really enjoyed making this bag.  not only that, i even trust it enough (because of the reinforced seams) to use it :)  ... oooh i could make christmas and halloween ones!

many thanks to kate for putting together such a wonderful sewing tutorial, i feel like my sewing improved heaps today and i learnt so much from making this bag, so again a big thank you to you.

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Sewandthecity said...

I am a big fab of gingham and polka dots so this bag is a winner with me! Love the ribbon too!