Saturday, August 6, 2011

day fifty eight: coffee ice cubes and sweetened strawberry ice cubes

sweetened strawberry ice cubes :)
day fifty eight and its someone's birthday ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVE ... have a wonderful day my sweet husband! 

the kids decorating the cake all by themselves!

isla (my niece) couldn't wait and as her aunt
i wasn't about to stop the fun!
on with today's pinterest 365 and we are doing something that falls into the category ... why didn't i think of that :) coffee ice cubes for iced coffees are pinned to my recipe must do's board and are inspired by Ashley and Aron from hither and thither.  and for the kids sweetened strawberry ice cubes!  the strawberry ice cubes inspiration comes from erin over at scjohnson who made raspberry ice cubes. unfortunately i couldn't find any raspberries so strawberry ones it was :)

coffe and ice cube trays and you are good to go :)
i made a strong brew of coffee and let it cool completely before pouring it into some very cool shaped ice cube trays my sister has ... seriously who doesn't want an iced coffee with a lego man in it!

outcome: pending :)  tomorrows pinterest creation is to recreate the best iced coffee recipe i pinned to steve's board on pinterest ... so for how these little iced beauties work we will have to wait one more day to see!  its steve's favourite cold drink so i really hope the recipe is fantastic! 

what you need for the sweetened strawberry ice cubes
for the strawberry ice cubes i followed the recipe given by erin and heated the water and sugar to make a simple syrup before boiling the punnet of chopped strawberries with it for 5 minutes.  i then let the mix cool before spooning it into the trays.

yummo and so good for hot summer days :)
 outcome:  i served these up to the kids in lemonade ... i had a taste of polly's to see how it was and it was SO refreshing i made one for myself!  i also tried it with water and they add such a nice delicate sweetness the water is still refreshing when you drink it.  i can highly recommend having these in your freezer during summer :)

update on the fish bowls with ice bergs:  the kids loved them so much, and the icebergs went down a treat ... in fact my nephew sam told his mum and dad them needed to learn how to make them so he and isla (my niece) could have more!

fish bowl jelly/jello with icebergs on top!

happy children, good times :)


Kimberly Thomas said...

Love this idea!! I'm going to try it with lemons, since I always love a little lemon in my water!

Kirsty, New Zealand said...

fantastic idea ... will definitely give that a go too!