Sunday, August 7, 2011

day fifty nine: the best iced coffee

the BEST iced coffee :)
day fifty nine and its hot and sticky in singapore so a great day for iced coffee's don't you think!  pinned to steves furnishings board (he would happily furnish the house with coffee!) is the brewed coffee website with fantastic tips for brewing the best iced coffees.

the coffee :)
i did what the website recommended and used a really dark coffee, which i cooled then refrigerated ... i am hoping this will take away the need to make a coffee concentrate, which takes overnight to fully make. 

the evaporated milk and the condensed milk :)
i am also using the trick of mixing evaporated milk and condensed milk together instead of just using ordinary milk.  once the two milks are mixed together they are also refrigerated.  then its simply a builiding process: fill glass with coffee ice cubes, add 1/3 cup of cold coffee, and 2/3 cup of the milk mix (if you like it stronger add more coffee less milk mix!)

this was just superb :)
 outcome: oh my goodness, i have a new best friend and its this iced coffee ... i know this will be so completely addictive ... EVERYONE in adult clothes here couldn't get enough of it, one cup just isn't enough AND so far this is the BEST iced coffee i have EVER had ... seriously i can not tell you how much the milk mix adds to the yumminess!  the coffee cubes work an absolute treat because the coffee never diluted and in this heat the cubes thawed really quickly!  PLEASE, if you love iced coffees try this recipe it is devine :)

thanks so much to the brewed coffee for all the fantastic tips and tricks for making iced coffee ... you guys must really know your stuff because it worked a treat ... awesome!


james @ agirlcalledjames said...

mmm that sounds so good

Marie-Anne said...

No air conditioning where you are now, Kirsty?
34 C is very hot ....this is why you are into the ICY BEVERAGES lately, huh ?
I personally do not drink coffee but I would drink chocolate without hesitation :D I would the first served too :D