Tuesday, August 23, 2011

day seventy five: no sugar oat drop cookies

perhaps not the most beautiful, but full of yummy flavour!
day seventy five and we are back in new zealand, i am so sad to have left my family behind, it was heartbreaking because we had the most amazing holiday with the people we love and adore spending time with.  i miss you so very much sis.

so with this in mind, a lack of quality sleep on the overnight flight, it was time to make some comfort food ... given how much food we ate on holiday i thought i had better make it a semi healthy option and the following cookies pinned to my recipe must do's board seemed to fit the purpose!  the recipe is from the really lovely blog of blueberry girl and they have no butter, sugar, flour, or eggs in them.

add the wet and dry ingredients together and you are good
to shape!
the other exciting thing about these cookies is they require no heavy machinery and come very close to being a one bowl wonder recipe ... you only need to mix all the dry ingredients in one bowl and the wet ingredients in another bowl, then combine and shape into cookies on a baking tray!  not bad i say :) remember these cookies aren't going to grow in size in the oven so shape them to the size you want the final cookie to be.

the shaped cookies ready for the oven :)
outcome: these are surprisingly good, i am somewhat amazed given there is no sugar, no butter, and no eggs involved!  they are really yummy, the banana adds a good amount of sweetness with the dried fruit and you get a nice crunch from the nuts.  they are definitely a wholesome winter cookie and they went so well with the cup of rhooibos i had with them!

my thanks goes to blueberry girl for this lovely recipe, it will be well used in this house as my husband is a diabetic (he is sweet enough!) so they fit the bill perfectly!


Kimberly said...

You totally made my day!!! I'm trying to not eat sugar and these look so good! Thanks for sharing!

The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

These look good! I like to eat healthy so this will be a nice treat for the family without the bad ingredients! Can't wait to try!
Question...what is rhooibos? Is this a New Zealand treat? I am from the USA...Texas.