Monday, August 22, 2011

day seventy four: tic tac toe restaurant style!

tic tac toe in operation :)
day seventy four and its our last day in singapore for this trip :(  i am very sad, i hate leaving my sister and her family, we all get on so well and love spending time together so it is a difficult day.  to cheer up the glum little peeps, steve and i took them out for some lunch at the local coffee shop. 

what you need to get the game rolling!

this idea from how does she featured on be different act normal came to mind while we were waiting with sad kids for our order ... i didn't need it for keeping them sitting patiently, i just wanted to cheer them up a little because all they were talking about was their impending separation :(  this idea is pinned to my home school projects board and when i saw it, i thought it would be a perfect distraction in helping hungry kids who are sometimes impatient waiting for their order!

they were so happy to just sit and play
outcome:  really cool, i was surprised at how quickly this caught the kids imagination ... AND how they weren't that keen to stop even when the food arrived!  i must remember this definitely for future restaurant experiences when the kids get fidgety or are sad for that matter!  i think they loved the novelty of playing with utensils and food items, and that we parents didn't mind :)

the happy boys with their food
my sincere thanks to how does she for this wonderful idea featured on be different act normal ... its so nice to have positive options rather than just nagging the kids to sit quietly :)


Robin said...

It's been a busy summer for me and I just checked back to see how you were doing...
My goodness, day seventy four?
Good for you, I only wish I had your commitment skills.
Keep up the good work.

The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

I am enjoying looking around you blog. Your kids are cute! LOVE this creative idea of tic tac toe restaurant style!!! Creative and fun for the kids...and adults who have kid in them!

The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

Btw, I am going to bookmark your blog to come back each day!!!

Stephanie said...

Perfect! My kids fave restaurant waiting game, and way more fun than boring crayons. Very envious of you being in Singapore by the way. Used to live in SE Asia amd miss it.