Saturday, August 27, 2011

day seventy nine: flip flop/jandal buckets for summer and nz bottle winner :)

jandal/flip flop bucket :)
day seventy nine and it was a gorgeous day and felt like spring was coming ...  i felt inspired to start getting ready for the change in seasons :)  for most of the year i live in jandals (as we call flip flops here) except winter when my toes would freeze, the rest of the time i love my toes poking out of my footwear!  and today was a day worthy of having my toes free to the air and the warm sun ... and actually so did everybody else in my family, which caused an overflow of jandals by the front door AND the back door :(  i hate clutter and decided this was all the inspiration i needed to make the flip flop bucket i pinned to my ideas for organisation board on pinterest.  this wonderful idea is from jeri's organizing and decluttering news blog ... this blog is like heaven for those that LOVE being organised but don't have enough time to come up with cool ideas ... me!

it was late in the day when i discovered the mess at each door, so the shopping time was limited :) i tried my hardest to find some metal buckets so i could give spray painting a whirl but that will have to wait for another day.  what i did find was some very summery coloured plastic buckets for $2 that were the ideal size and price!  i also purchased some american crafts thicker letter stickers for the naming of my buckets so no family member will be left wondering what the buckets are for!

happiness is organisation ... right!
outcome:  i made two, one for the front door and one for the back door ... love the colours and while its a little early for summer i think the colours will work for spring as well.  i am a happy lass with my buckets holding the jandals, its cleaned up each door and ... even better i feel like some spring decorating now!  i just have to hope my delightful family remember to use them.

hoping these colours will work with the spring and summer
decorating i plan to do!
today's thanks goes to jeri and the wonderful decluttering and organising idea for jandals/flip flops, i am totally loving all the wonderful ideas for all sorts of storing and organising, this will not be the last one i use ... far from it!

it was really late last night when i realised i had not organised ben to find a winner for the nz bottle of mailed goodies ... so we did it today .... and the winner is DANIELLE :)  congrats to you, please send me your postal address to and i will mail off the below drink bottle (this one is unused!) with your goodies.

it was early ;)

this is the bottle of goodies!

have a fabulous day everyone :)

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Nadine said...

Today I had my jandals on too. :)