Saturday, August 20, 2011

day seventy one: care package for isla and sam

the care package for sam taking shape!
day seventy one and we are enjoying our last few days in singapore with still so much to do ... sadly all the cousins are now starting to fret about the fact they will be separated soon and the holiday will finish :( 

so that isla and sam have something to look forward to after we leave, i am putting together a care package i found on pinterest (pinned to my gift wrapping and gift ideas board) from the martha stewart crafts department.

the idea is that you mail it to someone special, obviously i won't be sending this one but instead leaving it to be found somewhere after we have gone as a surprise :)

the goodies for the envelopes :)
i brought over some things with me with a new zealand flavour for the kids and am also using some things from singapore to stick in for each day ... just some little treats and i'm thinking it will work a little bit like an advent calendar but for only five days :)

the simply embellished envelopes :)

the instructions here are awesome and the embellishing you could do for this project is endless!  for today mine is simple but hopefully enticing for the little peeps these are for.  i love how the whole thing consertina's together and the last envelope flap folds over and seals the envelopes together so efficiently!

the finished care package for sam :)

outcome: hopefully the two little peeps who will recieve these in a couple of days time will love them, for now that outcome is pending :)  as for what i think of this care package ... awesome, love how the envelopes work together and that they are self sealing making it really exciting for the person recieving it ... just make sure that whatever number of days you do do, they are odd otherwise the sealing system won't work!

once again martha's craft department has come up with a gem, regardless of how you use this envelope care package, its bound to be a winner with the person who is gifted it .... and i will certainly be using this again, maybe even at halloween as a spooky advent in the lead up to the witching day!

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