Saturday, August 20, 2011

day seventy two: chocolate lego minifig's

the chocolate in the ice tray worked well but not the m&ms!
day seventy two and it's time for some more lego fun!  my sister and i went shopping this morning to haji lane where we found a gorgeous shop called threadbare and squirrel.  it has the most beautifully designed clothing, locally designed bags, and awesome bits and pieces! we also happened upon this lego necklace i had pinned to my whimsy board which i adore!  we are ALL lego lovers and this made me so happy.  my sister bought the ring with flowers and we felt like kids in a candy store where all your dreams come true!

our lego finds :)
that inspired me to carry on with the lego theme of the day and make some chocolate lego minifig's using the ice tray to adorn the top of the kids ice cream for dessert :)  this idea is pinned to my party ideas board and is inspired by justJENN's recipe website, she uses hers on top of cupcakes and they look SO cool!

the ingredients!
we decided to try and jazz them up a bit by adding a mini m&m to the lego minifig tummy :) apart from that all you need is the lego ice tray and some melted chocolate, and a cold fridge!

the lego minifig's with their m&m tummy's
outcome: not loving the m&ms but the rest of it is really cool an i would just stick with the chocolate for next time! simple is best, and am loving the fact that it worked awesomely well in the ice tray ... this is definitely something i will be using at ben's lego birthday party :)

my thanks to justJENN's for such a cool, simple, and totally doable idea ... it made us all smile and that makes it a winner with me :)


Christina said...

These are too cute!!

I wanted to let you know that I received the bottle care package today!!! I just came back from vacation, so it was perfect timing. I love everything inside of it! The little candies were so yummy (caramel/coffee??) I have yet to try the fruity ones. I put the magnets right up on my magnet board and put the bracelet on as an anklet right away! Thank you so much! I plan on doing a blog post about it after I've unpacked and settled back into home.

Thank you thank you thank you! So fun!!!!!

Аня-Крокозяблик said...

This is very good idea! I'll take it =)