Wednesday, August 17, 2011

day sixty nine: gift bows

bows, bows, and more bows i can now make :)
day sixty eight and there is a very special little girl who shares a birthday with my husband, who lives in perth, who we adore, and we have been hunting for a present for her in singapore ... we found something we think she will like yesterday so today we are wrapping it up to send to her ... and it needs a special bow!

about to set off in our pod to the top of the world :)
i have to admit the view was spectacular if you could get over
the fact you were 50 stories up on ferris wheel :)
today's creation comes from my gift wrapping and gift ideas board and is inspired by twig and thistle's felt gift bow who was inspired by the paper bow version from the gorgeous how about orange blog.  both these blogs are gorgeous and once again full of lovely ideas ... some many lovely blogs so little time to take it all in :)

i decided to make my paper one out of a singapore flyer brochure ... i am terrified of heights and THIS is what we chose to do last night ... all eight of us ... including ben and i who find my sister's 7th floor balcony challenging to be on.  i feel VERY happy to be here today to tell you about my creation for day sixty eight needless to say ;)

the basics for a felt bow ..  no hot glue so i used super glue!
the strips required plus one of them in the figure 8 glued
the instructions are really clearly explained on the how about orange blog and you get really helpful pictures to go with the words ... so helpful i ended up making a felt one and two paper ones in 20 minutes :)

ready to send this present now :)
bows just make everything look better!

outcome: i will never need to buy another bow again, these are really fun to make, the paper ones take no time with a stanley knife's help AND you can make them out of paper scraps so they don't even need to cost you any money to make ... and at times like this that's a really bonus.  i put the felt one on my present because its an international post and figured the paper one might get a little destroyed by the time it reached its destination!  my felt bow has a really chunky middle that i was worried about but actually it gives the flower a really nice bloom and doesn't affect the gorgeous outcome.  i absolutely love these bows and i know once you have made one you will totally feel the same :)


Kirsty said...

wow, they're really neat - great way to dress up some plain wrapping

Sewandthecity said...

Hi, I found your blog on the pinterest blog and what you are doing is so inspirational. I love it! I wish I could follow your blog but did not find a followers button or any other:-( I love the bows, what a cute way to finish of a gift!

Kirsty, New Zealand said...

hi sewandthecity, thank you! i am a novice blogger and didn't know you could add such a thing, so have now added the followers button :) thanks for letting me know!