Wednesday, September 21, 2011

day 104: oh dear ... we have a break ... but not from the pinterest inspired creating!

a card for pollyanna (our mouse in the house!)
day 104 and the news for today is a little glum ... my little girl peep pollyanna has fractured her leg :( she tripped on a stair and struggled to walk yesterday afternoon.  i took her to the medical centre last evening and out we came with a leg plastered up to her knee.  after she went through the joyful stages of shock, she is now rather bummed she has a heavy plaster cast to lump around with her ... typically though she found the bright side, i didn't make her do any writing today, instead she watched beethoven lives upstairs movie (if you haven't seen it, do, it is amazing).

so today's sentiment is heading into a card for my little peep. the actual card was designed by sarah from the handmade card blog.  i have been itching to make this card because it's so cute, but it's one of those cards you really hope you don't need to make, let alone for your own little peep!  i pinned it to my paper crafts board and the following sentiment is found in my pinterest 'likes'

i am grateful for you.

for the card you need to attach some plasters to a card, add googly eyes, and stamp or print your sentiment's inside and out!  then give to the little person who needs to know you care when skies are a little less blue.

the crafty bits and bobs you need

the card makes its destination!

the card has its desired effect!

outcome:  she has smiled through everything except when they had to put the plaster on and move her foot (that was more of a scream than a smile).  today it's fair to say her day has had it's share of glumness from excitement about having no school work to tiredness of the situation.  what made us both happy though was the card, she thought it was hilarious i had plasters stuck on a card for her :)  that made my day!

my thanks to sarah from the handmade cards, loved looking through her cards they are awesome, amazing techniques that i can only look in admiration at.


Anonymous said...

Hi there...

So sorry that read that your daughter has broken her leg, what a wee shame, send her my best healing wishes from scotland :-)

Glad you like the card, its one of my fav's to make too, although like you, you dont really want to make many of them or wish ill on your friends or family :-)

Thanks so much for the mention, take care ,.. Sarah x

Jen W. said...

Oh no! Poor Polly! What a nightmare! Although getting out of writing for a day is pretty sweet... :) Big hugs to her from Bermuda and the dogs send big, wet, sloppy kisses!
Pics of the hounds here:

Kirsty, New Zealand said...

thank you both so much, polly was tickled pink to get best wishes from different parts of the world, she is now lying on the couch looking for where you live ... i really appreciate the kind words (and the dogs had her laughing, they look like they are heaps of fun to have around!) xx