Tuesday, September 20, 2011

day 103: a thank you to my mum

just to let you know how much i love you mum
day 103 and its time to say thanks to my sweet mum ... we live together and she is wonderful to me and my children, my children adore her. as we are so close both in a literal sense and as friends, i sometimes forget to take the time to tell her how wonderful she is, so today i am going to leave her a wee token on her bed so she knows.

this is the saying i found on pinterest and immediately added to my 'likes'

the only thing better than having you for a MOM
is my children having you for a GRANDMA

if you like this saying, you can buy it on etsy from piccadilly peddler who has it on a wooden plaque which looks really cute ... i'll have to see whether it comes with a 'mum' instead of a 'mom', would be a neat little gift for mother's day next year :)

today i am going to print it off on some lightly patterned paper, give it some bling, and wrap it around a chocolate bar, then leave it on her bed to find when she arrives home from work!  the only things i changed to personalise the saying for my mother was the mom to mum and the grandma to granny (what my kids call her).
buy chocolate, add a wrapper, and you are
good to go and make someone's day :)

happiness in acknowledging my mum today :)

outcome:  totally the desired effect! my mum loves it because it wasn't expected and she knows how much i appreciate and adore her ... awesome :)

thanks to piccadilly peddler for giving such a lovely saying a home on something permanent ... it's a fantastic idea!


Jen W. said...

So sweet! Mom's rock! Mom lives with us too. We split our house into 2 apartments so we have our own space (mom's very independent) but it's nice having her close by. And she's a great granny to the dogs! :)

BubblesandMoney said...

I am loving your blog!

tinabarbour said...

Your blog has really inspired me! Since there is no local chapter of Pinners Anonymous available for me I am following your example and putting all of these ideas to good use...one day at a time :) I linked to you and your Pinterest boards on my blog.