Sunday, September 11, 2011

day ninety four: paper flowers from circles

paper flowers from circles, one used on a
christmas card
day ninety four and it feels like winter is back today ... so a good time for indoor creations.  today's inspiration comes from the whimsical world of laura bird blog and its her gorgeous paper flowers.  these were pinned to my paper crafts board on pinterest.  there were a couple of other tutorials for making these flowers on pinterest but after looking at the finished products and the different tutorials, i thought laura's final product looked the nicest and her tutorial was the easiest to understand!

what you need, paper and a way to cut out some circles,
if you don't have a cutter just trace around something
round that has a diameter about 1.5-2"
i thought i would make a start on my christmas cards with these flowers and i had some pretty graphic 45 christmas paper i have been itching to use. i used a 1.5" circle to make my flowers and a 2.5" circle for the base to place them on.  definitely used laura's idea of placing the first petals at north, south, east, and then west as it makes spacing them so much easier and you can get a nice tight placement of the petals.

the folding of the petals (i inked the edges of my circles
because i didn't want the white showing with the vintage
style graphics of the paper 
placing the petals on the circle base
the finished flower minus a centre
the finished flower with a centre, this one
is a brad but buttons would work just as
well on these really neat flowers
outcome:  laura's tutorial was brilliant from the folding to the placing, she gives you all the tips and tricks you need to make these beautiful flowers ... it's like doing origami without all the hard intricate folds!  once you are into the swing of folding the petals they actually don't take too much time once you have your circles cut, and if you have a circle cutter even that's not painful!  i loved the christmas card i made with the first one and think i will also add these cute little paper flowers to some of my presents as well!

my thanks to laura from whimsical world of laura bird for the really well put together tutorial for these paper flowers.  as i said earlier, i looked at a number of tutorials for these flowers but this was by far the easiest to understand and she even had great suggestions on how to put the flower together!

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