Wednesday, September 7, 2011

day ninety: travel toothbrush holder

the girls and the boys toothbrush pouches
day ninety and i headed back to the sewing machine today to make some really cute travel toothbrush holders.  the inspiration and tutorial comes from donna at simple things, sweet life. i loved this idea as a great bathroom pouch for tramping, overnight sleepovers for the kids, long haul flights, and all those times when you want to take your toothbrush and paste but not the bathroom sink on your travels!  this idea is pinned to my general crafts board on pinterest.

the bits and bob's required
the tutorial asks for a sewing machine, a flannel/wash cloth, and some ribbon.  my flannels cost me a whole $1.99 so this is a very good project for the pocket as well (not to mention practising that straight sewing ;))  i decided a girls one and a boys one would be a good idea so purchased two wash cloths.

for both my holders i did four pockets at 3" intervals
i measured my flannel and it was 12" across so my pockets were all pinned at 3" intervals, with the ribbon pinned on the right side as indicated on the tutorial.  if you have a larger family you could easily squeeze the pockets closer together and get six in without trouble.

these are such a cool, usable idea :)
outcome:  fabulous ... this is one of those awesome ideas that is so simple, so easy to achieve, but give you so much satisfaction at the end you want to tell EVERYONE about it ... so do people, do.  if you often need to take your toothbrush and paste overnight and want something hygienic to carry it in this is the cost effective, best option their is ... as it's a towel, i imagine you could even dry your mouth on it afterwards as well! now that's efficient!

my gratitude goes to donna at simple things, sweet life ... i love this idea and the final product, her tutorial was brilliant and as such this was an utter pleasure to create :)


Nadine said...

This is genius!

Jen W. said...

This is fabulous! I really must get a sewing machine...

julia said...

Super sweet idea! It would be nice to make up a couple of these for overnight guests who forget their toothbrush. They could use it and take it with them! Thanks for posting!

Mal said...

This is a fantastic idea!

SimpleThingsSweetLife said...

Wow Kristy! Thank you for becoming a follower on my blog, and for the shout out in your post here! You toothbrush pouches turned out great! I will be your newest follower...Blessings!


Diana Dickert said...

This is creative and easy to do, and it's so convenient and light to carry! I have to make one of this, as I do travel a lot.

Diana Dickert