Thursday, September 8, 2011

day ninety one: crockpot shredded beef taco's

these were absolutely delicious ... definitely doing these
again really soon :)
day ninety one and we are VERY busy getting ready for the rugby world cup ... i can't WAIT, but i love rugby so that's not a surprise to my family.

these were birthday and christmas presents from my
amazing mum last year :)  SWEET!
every major world sporting event (summer or winter olympics, sporting world cups, commonwealth games etc) i give each member of our family a bag of goodies with a randomly selected country to support as well as our own.  it helps the kids understand more about different countries and their cultures and they love having a second country to cheer for, especially if they are competing against another family member's country!  in their bag they get info about their adopted country, recipes (as they have to cook a meal from their country one night during the event), food from the country, flag templates to colour, some team gear (if i can find it) team information, language worksheets, and a whole lot of other crafts and worksheets that they need to do during the tournament.  we all love it and it makes for an exciting celebration of the event :)

all this takes a little (ok a lot) of preparation but i adore doing it!  on really busy days (like today) i find myself turning to the crockpot.   i am so lucky with pinterest as there are so many wonderful slow cooker recipes to pin.  today's recipe is from ali at gimme some oven website.  it looked so yummy in the picture, it had my taste buds salivating just pinning it to my recipe must do's board!

the ingredients
i couldn't access any chipotle peppers and have actually never seen them in nz before ... i possibly wouldn't have put them in as my peeps are only starting to eat spicy foods and i don't wait to turn them off with too much heat right away ... i figured the chilli powder was probably enough heat for tonight's dinner :)  the only other thing i changed was adding a little 1/2 tsp of ground coriander to the spice rub and that was just a personal choice because i love cumin and ground coriander together.

the filled taco ready to wrap up :) so good it was too!
outcome:  the thing i love about today's recipe is we literally got home and dinner was ready in ten minutes ... all i needed to do was pull the salad stuff for the soft taco's from the fridge, open the sour cream, shred the meat, and heat the tacos .... EASY ... the kids were still setting the table while i was filling it :)  not only that these were absolutely, finger licking delicious ... we raved, the kids asked for them tomorrow night for dinner, and it was slightly embarrassing that i felt i had done very little to deserve such praise ... yeah i got over that really quickly ;)

a big thanks to ali at the gimme some oven website, she has an absolute winner with this recipe, it's a fantastic week night dinner that gets rave reviews!  she has just finished a week of zucchini recipes that look too tempting not to try :)


Jen W. said...

Time to buy a slow cooker I think! I've gotten my Portuguese hubby hooked on Mexican food so this one is sure to be a winner!

Mal said...

Yum, I just made crockpot enchiladas the other day!

Kirsty, New Zealand said...

definitely time you got a slow cooker jen w ... they are awesome for those who would prefer to be crafting!