Saturday, October 1, 2011

day 114: dry erase weekly events notice board

complete with halloween papers for this festive season is
my family's new weekly events notice board :)
day 114 and today i start a month of halloween inspired creations found on pinterest.  halloween is a new holiday to new zealand, traditionally it is not very big or known.  each year for the past couple of years it has grown more, with more decorations available and people organising halloween events.  the trick or treating part of halloween is a VERY new concept and not one we can do in the country unless you want to run a marathon!

steve and i decided this year we would have a halloween party on the 30th (given it was a sunday) and we could then have everybody over for the afternoon, play games, and put on a festive afternoon tea!  so this month leading up to this event i plan to put my pinterest creating into preparing for our party, decorating the house, and making all sorts of exciting halloween inspired projects from pinterest!

today we are starting with a new family notice board.  we actually don't have one at any other time of the year and it's something we REALLY need as our lives continue to get busier!  remember the frames i used to put all those wonderful reading inspirations in for ben, well i am using the other 8 frame display i purchased for today's project!

today's project was inspired by the one created by kristy from next to heaven.  she has created her family a launch pad with all sorts of wonderful organising goodness including the weekly planner in the eight photo frame! i thought this was such a awesome idea to use photo frames as whiteboards, so much nicer!  i loved visiting her blog and seeing how much fun she puts into everyday life, something to live by :)  i pinner her weekly schedule idea to my home school projects board on pinterest.

i used halloween papers to insert where you would normally put the photos.  because i plan to change these papers with the different seasons and holidays throughout the year i attached my letter stickers to the glass so i didn't need to add them every time i change the papers.  i went with a fairly muted colour for the lettering so it will hopefully go with any papers i use in the future.  the lettering was also in foam so it gave the notice board some added texture :)

the supplies required

papers inserted ...

week days added :)

outcome: i am in love with this idea ... already i feel better organised and happier that the family ALL know what's on the agenda this week.  we are just repainting the wall where this will live and then it will be a permanent but changing fixture in our lives :)

my thanks to kristy from next to heaven for this fantastic idea that uses an everyday product in a whole new way ... love that, totally inspiring :)


Jenny said...

Hey this is a cool idea, useful and decorative too...who needs a boring cork board?
Love that you can change the papers too :)
Jenny x

Jen W. said...

Now this I like as I agree with Jenny that cork boards and white boards are very blah...

mememe35 said...

WHere did you get the frame from? Very cool

Kirsty, New Zealand said...

i got the frame from the warehouse and it was on special for $8 ... total bargain!