Sunday, October 2, 2011

day 115: halloween invitations

invitation fit for a party :)
day 115 and every party needs some invitations.  there are SO many inspirational invitations on pinterest i was a tad overwhelmed!  so i have pinned many to my holiday goodness board but ended up choosing the design of the ones by  the ribbon bats are what totally sold it to me :)

i typeset a very similar design on word and then printed it out on 160gsm card.  i loved the added matte so also went with that but used traditional halloween colours. i did attach the two cards together as i didn't use vellum and then punched the holes for the ribbon bat.  the eyes of the bat were hot glued on :)

printed invitation ready to dress!

matted in black

add ribbon bats with googly eyes and we are ready
to deliver!

outcome:  cool!  i feel really proud of myself. the bats are really cute if not totally bat like and the invitations have come out looking pretty halloweeny so hopefully the families and friends receiving these will feel festive and come dressed up .... here's hoping you lot!

my thanks to the VERY useful for this neat invite idea, its not the first time i have used them as inspiration for p365 and i am sure it won't be the last :)


Jen W. said...

Love those bats! They would look brilliant on a card! I may be CASEing you very soon...

Kirsty, New Zealand said...

i would be honoured jen, yours will put me to shame!