Wednesday, October 5, 2011

day 118: skeleton ice blocks


day 118 and i thought i had better make a start on making ice blocks for the party :)  i loved the idea of putting something in the ice cubes as fahrenheit 350 did with their cubes for halloween with spiders ... the drinks looked awesome with the frozen spiders swimming around in them!  i pinned this neat idea of their's to my holiday goodness board on pinterest.

i couldn't find any spiders i liked in mass quantity but i did find some really cute skeletons!  luckily when i was in singapore's ikea store i grabbed their ice cube tray that makes long bars, only problem is i only have one ... hence the reason for starting to make ice cubes for the party today!

it was another day when i wished nz had ikea!

i washed the skeletons and then put my first six in the tray to freeze, at this rate i will be finished making ice cubes the day before the party!

the first lot ready to freeze

they do look funny, bobbing around in their!

outcome: well we HAD to see what they looked like in the drinks so we have already enjoyed the first six!  they look hilarious swimming around in the glass!  i think i will make some for the party with cranberry juice ice cubes as well and give the kids them in lemonade should look awesome, if not totally scary!

my thanks to fahrenheit 350 for a really cool, halloweeny idea ... its the little bit extra that always goes down so well and this is one of those things that will hopefully make people feel in the mood for halloween :)


Jen W. said...

Can't wait to see your pics - these sound hilarious!

Jenny said...

So totally different and very cool ( pardon the pun...hehe)
Jenny :)

Karen B. said...

What a cute and clever idea! These guys sure would turn out wiggly. I really like the idea of your blog too, so dang neat.